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Subscribe to HTTP Data

We now provide streaming HTTP and HTTP GET connections for the following data from our system:

  • Price Spread Data, represented on the homepage

The cost for this subscription is $40 / month. With a subscription you recieve a unique API key and curl instructions.

Token Spread subscription

All data is normalized to a consistent labeling system for all exchanges, pairs and values. The current message interval for the data is 40 seconds (we process a lot of data and the exchanges have proven unreliable, so it has been hard to reduce this interval but we are trying).

HTTP GET is a simple query that returns a JSON string { data: [], last_processed: milliseconds_timestamp }. The GET endpoint accepts the limit paramater. By default limit is 1 and you will receive the latest full payload of spreads at the last processing time. Increase limit and you will receive up to the last 10 minutes of spread data in descending array.

HTTP STREAM connection delivers streaming messages as new-line-delimited JSON string.

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If you have additional questions, please email us at admin (at) tokenspread . com.